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A collaborative divorce team is comprised of professionals from different disciplines who provide the support, information, and advice, needed for couples to make decisions. The team offers expertise in legal, financial, emotional and parenting issues, that may arise in family law matters.

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In the collaborative divorce process, each spouse will have an attorney representing them as part of the process. The attorneys are committed to working towards settlement and not “fighting it out” in court. The attorneys will:
Meet individually with and advise their client.
Work with the other professionals and the couple in joint sessions.
Provide legal analysis and advise.
Generate options and assist in making decisions.
Prepare and submit all of the documents required by the court.
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Mental Health Professionals

There are two types of mental health professional who could be involved in the Collaborative Divorce Process—a coach or child specialist.

Coaches are licensed mental health professionals involved to assist both spouses in the process.  There can be one coach working with both spouse or two coaches, one for each spouse.  A coach helps you to:

Manage the pain and strain of changing relationship.
Identify your goals for the present and the future.
Be your best during the divorce process.
Effectively communicate with each other.
Establish positive co-parenting relationship.s
Develop a parenting plan that works for your family.
Make the most of your strengths so that you can build a new life for yourself.

Child Specialists are also licensed mental health professional with specific child-focused experience and training. The child specialist works with both parents and the child to bring the child’s voice into the collaborative divorce process. The child specialist will:

Meet with your child;
Identify the feelings, needs, and concerns of your child;
Communicate the child's feelings, needs, and concerns, to the parents and the team for consideration in decision-making;
Provide expertise in child development, the impact of parental conflict on children, and other child-related concerns;
Assist in developing appropriate parenting plans.
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Financial Professionals

In the collaborative divorce process, the financial professional works with both spouses to help them make fully informed financial agreements.  The financial professional has specialized training and experience in divorce and finances.
Identify and value your assets and debts.
Analyze cash flow for child support and maintenance discussions.
Identify and advise on tax issues.
Structure financial settlements that maximize resources.
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You can end your marriage respectfully with the right team.

Think collaborative divorce is right for you? Take our Quiz to see if you and your spouse are a good fit for the collaborative divorce process. Our team members are ready to help you gain more control over the decisions that will affect your family's future.
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