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Buying a House After Divorce
If not already, then at some point in the future you and your spouse will live separately.  Like many people, you may think about buying a house after divorce.  If this is your goal, then there are several things you will need to consider.  Protecting your finances will need to be a t...
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Prenuptial Agreements and Collaborative Practice
You’ve fallen in love, your intended is a wonderful person and you’ve decided to get married! But . . . it’s complicated. He has children from a prior marriage and she makes a lot more money and has many more assets.  You both want to protect your assets for yourselves if the marriage does no...
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Missouri Divorce and Child Support
Parents naturally are most concerned about their children at the time of divorce. One of the most important issues to be decided is how and in what amounts the children will be financially provided for. Missouri Form 14 The Missouri Supreme Court has developed a way of calculating the amounts needed...
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How Do I Get A Simple Divorce?
SO, YOU WANT A SIMPLE DIVORCE?  I often hear this from prospective clients, usually in relation to the anticipated cost of getting divorced.  As in, “how much will it cost me for a simple divorce?”  My answer is normally, “it depends,” and that begins a rather lengthy conversa...
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5 Ways to Cope with Your Feelings During Divorce
When people think of springtime, they think of flowers, sunshine, warm weather, and fun times. School will let out in the next few months. Perhaps your neighbors are planning a summer getaway and a part of you is wishing you were enjoying life as much as they appear to be enjoying it. While it may [...
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Parenting Plans and Collaborative Divorce
If you are getting divorced and have children 18 years old or under, you will have a parenting plan as part of your divorce judgment. A parenting plan establishes the schedule for the children’s care, the manner in which decisions regarding the children’s health and welfare will be made, and the...
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Divorce and Disappointment
Unfortunately, we all face disappointment at some point.  It is a part of life.  How you choose to deal with disappointment is what often matters most.  You will face many feelings during a divorce and disappointment is a common feeling that many people face. The Disappointment When y...
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Weathering Holidays After Divorce
The first few years weathering the holidays after a separation or divorce can be complicated, not to mention stressful, sad, and lonely. Some of the traditions your family had for years may no longer be possible and you might be left trying to figure out what to do.  It is also a time to be [&h...
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Why Won't My Divorce Case Settle?
PROBLEM:  My divorce has been going on for months.  I want it over.  Why won’t my case settle? Those involved in a family law litigation matter, are generally eager for their case to be “over” so that they can move on with life plans with some degree of certainty.  If your ...
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Developing Empathy: The Impact of Negative Comments During Divorce
How do you manage your feelings toward your ex-spouse when you are around your children? If you have children getting divorced does not end your relationship with your co-parent.  So how do you keep your negative thoughts and beliefs about your co-parent from your child?  It’s tricky and...
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