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Special Considerations: Getting a Divorce When You Have a Special Needs Child
Getting divorced when you are the parent of a special needs or medically complex child can seem like a daunting task that could put an unbearable amount of additional stress on an already stressed-out family system.  Many couples with a special needs child make the default decision to stay in an un...
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What Happens When One Parent No Longer Follows the Parenting Plan?
Unless the other parent takes steps to enforce the parenting plan, nothing happens.  But, if the other parent wants to enforce the parenting plan - what options are available?  A parenting plan is entered as part of a judgment and becomes an order of the court.  Not following the pare...
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Understanding Grief in Divorce
When two people get married they emotionally attach to dreams, hopes, fantasies and plans of what their life will be like.  For some, getting and being married is a central part of their religion or spirituality.  Getting divorced forces people to let go of deeply held hopes and dreams and...
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You may have decided to divorce, done your own research and determined that the best path forward for you and your family is a non-adversarial divorce process such as mediation or a collaborative divorce.  Unlike divorce litigation, which you can begin without the cooperation of your spouse, a ...
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Property Division in Divorce: How to Figure Out Who Will Get All the “Stuff”
Even in relatively short, and certainly during longer marriages, couples acquire and accumulate property.  This property might include cars, real estate, furniture, artwork, and miscellaneous “stuff.” Some of the items (for example, kitchen dishes, utensils, and glassware) may not have a lot of...
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Collaborative Practice and the Economics of Divorce
Facing a divorce is a daunting, sometimes frightening prospect, and “How much will my divorce cost?” is perhaps the most consistent concern among those considering ending their marriages. As with so many other divorce-related issues, the answer is usually, “It depends.” Aside from issues suc...
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Protecting Your Credit After Divorce
Many people overlook the importance of credit after divorce.  From start to finish divorce can feel more like a whirlwind than an orchestrated and well-planned process.  Most couples will only realize the importance of protecting their credit after divorce.  The best approach to prote...
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How To Tell Kids About the Divorce?
More goes into telling your kids about divorce than just having a one-time, prepackaged sit down and delivering the information. The stage of development that your child is in will have a big impact on how you have the conversation about your divorce and what to expect next. Children who are young, ...
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Collaborative Divorce Process: 6 Insights From a Collaborative Divorce Coach
Divorce is on your horizon and having experienced professionals in your corner will make the collaborative divorce process less time consuming and arduous. If you are seeing a therapist, hopefully you are, your therapist should be one of those helpers getting you through the emotional obstacle cours...
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A Tale of Two Houses
Money has emotion attached to it. Money represents security and safety. Lack of money means insecurity and fear. Divorce means money will be split up. Splitting one pot of money into two pots of money creates emotion, and rarely are these emotions positive. For many in divorce, it’s a surprise tha...
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