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Member Since: 2023
Firm: Marler Law Partners
10805 Sunset Office Dr., #210 St. Louis, MO 63127
(314) 526-3882
Sara has extensive experience in various areas of law, including criminal defense, juvenile law, family law, and work as a prosecuting attorney. In 2007, Sara elected to forego all other practice areas to focus exclusively on family law. Sara brings a unique wealth of knowledge to the practice of family law, including skills in de-escalation, knowledge about neurodivergent children and adults, knowledge about trauma and its impact on individuals and families, training in family systems, and extensive experience in high-conflict custody cases. Sara prides herself as a compassionate advocate who approaches each case with curiosity. Sara believes it is critically important to find support for clients and families outside the legal system to empower them to gain control over their actions, responses, and perceptions throughout their case and to prevent them from continuously cycling through the family court system. She lends most of her expertise to high-conflict custody cases and is currently working with mental health professionals in St. Louis to establish a trauma-informed family law practice. Sara is also a certified mediator and trained as a Guardian ad Litem, in addition to her training in collaborative divorce.
Licensed in Missouri since 2003 • Maryville University - B.S. (1999) • New England Law - J.D. (2003)
Traditional divorce can feel isolating and is typically designed to polarize spouses. Divorcing through the collaborative process allows you to partner with a supportive team of trained legal, financial, and child development professionals who guide you while helping you maintain integrity and respect for yourself, your spouse, and your children. This highly customizable divorce process gives the divorcing couple, rather than the legal system, control over how they end their relationship and move forward with their new family dynamic.

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