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Sarah J. Wittrock

Member Since: 2018
Firm: Jones Family Law Group, LLC
1610 Des Peres Road, Suite 340, St. Louis, MO 63131
(314) 449-8830
Since 2011, Sarah has focused her practice on family law issues. Family law often involves strong emotions and difficult decisions. Family law matters can be disruptive, unpredictable, and scary. Sarah aims to help her clients navigate this process with grace and empower them with the knowledge to lead them to the best possible result. Sarah is a certified mediator and has also served as a Guardian ad Litem in the St. Louis County Circuit Court. Sarah has been named a “Rising Star” by Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyers for 2017 - 2023, and Best Lawyers in America: Ones to Watch” for 2021, 2022, and 2023.
• Licensed in Missouri since 2009 • Licensed in Illinois since 2010 • B.A. from St. Louis University [2006] • J.D. from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School [2009]
Litigation is expensive and stressful. And often, it is difficult to effectively coparent in the aftermath. The collaborative process provides families the opportunity to resolve their family law issues in a dignified, respectful, and honest manner. Clients work cooperatively with a team of qualified professionals committed to helping them develop solutions to their family’s unique issues.

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