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Robert Appleton Jr.

Member Since: 2014
Firm: Law Offices of Robert O. Appleton, Jr.
8000 Maryland Avenue, Suite 900 • St. Louis, MO 63105
(314) 726-4700
Throughout his legal career, Bob's practice has focused on the general practice of law as well as family law and family-related matters. Bob trained and served as a mediator in contract and labor disputes. Bob considers clients' personal needs paramount and recognizes the significant emotional and financial stresses that families experience when in transition. Bob understands and values clients' inputs, always recognizing that these matters are unique to each family's situation. Bob is very mindful that any family resolution has lasting effect on all members. Bob understands the importance of being available to his clients while maintaining open and professional relationships with them when working together and when making mutual decisions towards resolving important personal and family matters.
Licensed in Missouri since 1973; licensed in California (inactive) since 1971 B.A. from Stanford University (1967) J.D. from University of California, Hastings College of the Law (1970) New York University School of Law Graduate Taxation Program (no degree conferred 1970-71)
In his 50 years of law practice, Bob has tried many jury and non-jury cases in various courts in Nevada, California, and Missouri. The litigation process is stressful, public, expensive, and time-consuming. Trials empower judges and juries and not parties in decision-making. Trial outcomes are never certain and usually unsatisfactory. Trials are rarely satisfactory in resolving family law cases, and trials frequently fracture already strained family relationships. However, an interest-based, non-oppositional, non-trial, but problem-solving approach in family law cases allows for mutual participation and cooperation. Bob's main goal is to help clients find solutions that not only allow clients to be respectful and creative but also that allow them to work towards achieving and implementing mutual interests --- the process and goal of collaborative law.

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