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Penny Robinson

Member Since: 2014
Firm: The Center for Family Law
7710 Carondelet Avenue • Saint Louis, MO 63105
(314) 721-8844
Throughout her legal career, Penny’s practice has been focused on family law matters. Penny has been named for many years by Saint Louis Magazine as a “Super Lawyer”. She has also been named by U.S. News as a one of the “Best Lawyer in America” and has been named “Lawyer of the Year in the practice of collaborative divorce”. Penny recognizes that clients often come to her when they are in the midst of difficult, emotional situations looking for help in finding solutions to their problems. She strives to be approachable, understanding, and empathetic. She understands the importance of being accessible to clients and having an open, honest relationship with them as they navigate their family law matter.
Licensed in Missouri since 2002; licensed in Indiana since 1991 B.A. from Indiana University (1987) J.D. from Indiana University (1990)
I favor a problem-solving approach in family law matters. My goal is to help clients find solutions to their family law matter that allows them to be creative, respectful of their spouse and mindful of the impact their choices have for their unique family, all of which can be accomplished through the collaborative process.

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