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Erika Ottolini

Mental Health Professional
Member Since: 2019
Firm: Artemis Counseling Services, LLC
7711 Bonhomme Avenue, Suite 850, St. Louis, MO 63105
(314) 764-0246
Erika has worked with adolescents and their families for over 25 years. She has previously taught middle school and high school and also led youth on adventure trips in Alaska . She has extensive experience with adolescent development, adjustments to adolescence, depression, anxiety and family dynamics; she is also proficient in helping teens and their parents navigate the journey from one home to two as families transition through divorce She has advanced degrees and specialized certifications in many evidence-based approaches and specializes in insight-oriented psychodynamic psychotherapy. She strives to facilitate growth for teens, support for parents, reunification for families and improved communication for holistic family health both in her private practice and as a Divorce Coach and Child Specialist within the St. Louis CFLA.
B.A. in Behavioral Science & Law from University of Wisconsin M.A. in Teaching from University of Alaska MEd. in Counseling from University of Missouri Licensed Professional Counselor Licensed in Missouri since 2015
Divorce can be a traumatic experience. But it does not have to be. I want to help families see there is another way to work through the hurt and get to the healing. Within the structure of a collaborative team, the focus for the family is on that healing process.

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