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Daniel ("Jay") Adams

Financial Professional
Member Since: 2010
Firm: Hoffman, Bricker & Adams, P.C.
12977 North Forty Drive, Suite 309 • Saint Louis, MO 63141
(314) 579-2445
Since 1994, Jay has worked in public accounting assisting clients with their tax and consulting needs primarily with closely-held entities, trust, and individuals. Jay is a collaboratively trained professional and works as a financial neutral on collaborative divorce cases. As a member of the St. Louis Collaborative Family Law Association, Jay has provided training for attorneys and mental health professionals as well as receiving continuing education relating to the collaborative process and other professional disciplines.
B.S. in Accountancy from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Licensure: Licensed Certified Public Accountant in Missouri Member AICPA & MSCPA
The divorce process has many unique financial issues that both parties need to understand in making decisions. As a neutral, I can assist in generating and evaluating options so that the clients fully understand what the financial picture will look like once the process is complete. My goal is to help the clients in being creative in reaching decisions that are important to them.

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