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Barbara Koppe

Mental Health Professional
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Firm: Marriage Family Institute
222 S. Meramec Avenue, Suite 303 • Saint Louis, MO 63105
(314) 863-8734
Intense emotions can often interfere with the process of getting divorced. My role as a divorce coach is to help couples avoid getting emotionally bogged down, which can lengthen an already difficult and painful situation. In coaching sessions I try to provide a safe forum in which to work through or to work around emotional impasses, as well as to learn better ways to communicate as co-parents in the future. ***As an individual, couples and family therapist for more than 20 years, I have helped hundreds of people better manage and take charge of emotional challenges, including marital and relationship distress, divorce, parenting concerns, trauma, mental illness, and serious physical illness. I try to help clients build upon their own strengths and to learn better ways to act and react. ***I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice, and am owner of Marriage & Family Institute in Clayton. I am a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.
Marquette University--BA, 1968 University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee, MSW, 1984 Clinical Social Worker, Missouri, 1991 to present

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