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You can end your marriage

  • respectfully.

  • with greater control.

  • with compromise.

Divorce is life-altering, no matter the circumstances. You do not have to navigate it alone. Collaborative divorce involves a team of experienced and supportive professionals. Your team works with you to make fully-informed decisions that will impact your family’s future. Collaborative divorce is a confidential, respectful, and transparent process.

St. Louis Collaborative Family Law Association (CFLA)

A not-for-profit organization of independent, unaffiliated, attorneys, mental health, and financial professionals, committed to resolving family disputes through a non-adversarial process known as Collaborative Practice

The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

You control the process, rather than a Judge making the decisions for you.
You are in charge of the pace of the process, not the Court's deadlines.
Privacy & Confidentiality
The process and details of your case are not public record.
Civility & Respect
You and the professionals treat each other respectfully. Everyone has a voice that will be heard.
Both lawyers are committed to settlement and do not have a fight-to-win mentality.
Neutral Voices
Financial and mental health professionals are involved from day one to support the decision-making process.
More manageable and more efficient because you control process and pace.
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The Collaborative Divorce Process

Collaborative divorce involves a team of professionals working together with you in a safe and protected environment. Everyone involved in the Collaborative divorce process agrees to be part of a respectful and confidential process that leads to an out-of-court resolution.

How to Get Started

Like the idea of making your agreements outside of course? Click here to take a step-by-step quiz to learn if Collaborative Divorce is right for you.

Find a Professional

We have a vast array of professionals who can help assist you with your collaborative case. Please review the professionals who are part of our organization. Afterwards, please contact the professional of your choosing today to get started on your case.

St. Louis Collaborative Family Law Association

Divorce … A Different Way, A Better Way, With Integrity.
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