About Us - Our Organization

Collaborative Family Law Association in St. Louis is a non-profit organization. We hold business meetings approximately once each month and also offer social events and training. Members and non-members are invited to meetings, social events and training. We invite those interested in membership to contact us to learn more about our practice group trainings.

Members also participate in working committees which address specific issues affecting the organization, including: Public Relations, Documents/Choreography, Ethics, Membership, etc. Our membershp year begins on July 1st each year. Membership applications are accepted throughout the year;new membership dues are prorated by month for a partial year. Thereafter, membership is renewable each year on July 1. Committees and the board of directors are determined at the beginning of the membership year. All members agree to participate in the organization and to use the participation agreement, retainer letters and other documents as follows:

Renewal Applications for Membership: Links/Documents available for downloading are as follows: